9 people signed the petition since April 13, 2008

Signatures for The Michigan Officer-Involved Domestic Violence AWARENESS Bill [Pam Aukerman]

ID First Name Last Name Comments City/Zip Code
1 Deon GatesNational OIDV In behalf of those who cannot speak out and those who have perished... Tacoma/ 98405
2 DavidAukerman Sr. Pam Aukerman's daddy 49071
3 LauraSpars Pamela Aukerman's bestestest friend 49071
4 DanielleWhite   49006
5 FredFitch   48185
6 AaronDick   48152
7 KellySchneider I am a survivor of domestic violence. Your right! I think ALL victims of any kind of domestic violence have been silenced for too long. Im for this Bill all the way! 48879
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